Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of frequent inquiries I get, as well as information you are required to know prior to booking a face to face meeting with Me. Once you have read this section, you can submit a booking request here. Please include any other questions you may have that I did not answer below in the additional questions box on the booking request form. 

I will know if you have read this page, so do not try to skip over this requirement. I work very hard to provide you the most professional, unique, and personable experience possible – think of reading this as doing your part to help make your time with Me that much more special. 

How long have you been doing this?

I have been a frequent lifestyle player for 8 years, however I have only been offering professional services for 4 years. I have trained under a few ProDommes, as well as working with a variety of other lifestyle and professional players.  A little summary of what I do is offer kink, fetish, and domination services both in person as well as online/over the phone. I also dabble in making Queer and FemDom content. I am an empath, which has led Me to discover that I am a sensual sadist and partner pleaser – I will take whatever I desire from you – but only if you’re truly devoted to giving it to Me. I enjoy the vulnerability and intimacy that arises when someone completely submits to Me in any form.

Where do you see clients?

I currently offer incall for Femdom Sessions at a discreet fully equipped luxurious dungeon in the Oakland Lake Merritt area.

For companionship sessions I have two incall spaces located near Alameda Bridge & in San Francisco near the Mission.

Do you offer outcall?

I only offer outcall at My own discretion and only AFTER we have had at least 1 session in My incall space, or met in person. Only after our interaction, and you have been screened” may you request outcall. You must have a secure and private location for outcall. I may also bring an escort with Me, and you must be okay with this.

Do you travel?

I plan on offering this in the future, stay tuned for that information.

Who do you enjoy playing with?

I enjoy playing with smart, honest, communicative, polite, safe, sane, creative, and curious adults. Your level of experience does not play a part in whether or not I will see you – although it does play a role in how I will navigate our time together. I do not discriminate against any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any identity that is personal to you. I am a very open minded, sex positive, queer individual. I am discreet and respectful, and I expect the same from you. 

Who do you not want to see?

I do not want to see people who are liars, jerks, pigs, boundary pushers, people who top from the bottom or strictly dominant people. I am not a submissive so we will not get along if you are not willing to submit to Me. I am a firm believer in healthy, direct, open minded communication – please tell me your fears, weaknesses, strengths, secrets – anything that will make you feel more comfortable around Me and during our time together. I detest people who lie, overindulge, or hide the aforementioned subjects as it usually can lead to an uncomfortable interaction when I do eventually touch on something that you have not disclosed to Me.

What do you like to do during face to face sessions?

You can find all that information on My Interests page by clicking here. If you have any questions, or don’t see what you’re looking for, please include this information in the additional questions box in your booking request.

What other experiences do you offer?

In addition to in person sessions, I also make kinky, femdom and queer porn, which is available for purchase in My Goodies on NiteFlirt. I also offer phone and online domination, click here to go to My NiteFlirt page. I offer Financial Domination as well, and am verified on

Do you have an Amazon Wishlist?

I do have an Amazon Wishlist, I also accept Amazon GiftCards electronically. If you wish to send Me a gift, you can view that list here.

What don’t you do in sessions?

These are my hard limits – do not question them or request them during our session or any time preceeding:
Ruby play, scat play, needle play, kissing on my mouth, switching, race play, or rope bondage*.

*Rope bondage is due to My lack of practice – I do not currently feel experienced to safely tie yet – this is for your safety and I am actively working on gaining more experience.

What is your hourly Tribute?

My tribute amounts are as follows – there is a slight discount offered for longer sessions.

You can view My tribute information via My sessions page.

Each amount includes a nonrefundable $50 deposit to be paid electronically in advance, which will be subtracted from the full tribute. You pay the remainder in cash upon your immediate arrival at the session. Read more about deposits below.

I’m interested – how do I book a session with you?

You have read My FAQ, and are ready to proceed to request a booking. Below is some information about required details.

Screening – This is not only for My safety, but yours as well. I am very discreet and will NEVER disclose any of the information you share with Me prior to or during our session with anyone – regardless if I book with you or not. Screening is NON-NEGOTIABLE – if you try to skip out on being screened you will simply never receive a reply from Me. I take My screening process very seriously, as My safety is of the utmost importance to Me – as it should be to you. I have a two ways you can approach this:

1-2 currently active provider references – If you are someone who has seen an adult provider of ANY kind – then you’re in luck. I accept a minimum of 2 references from providers you have seen in the past 2 years. You will provide them to Me in the Provider Reference section of the booking request form – please provide their name and an email, or method of communication that they are comfortable with, and I will reach out to them directly. Please also provide to Me the name or an identifier they know you under – we often see a lot of people and it can be hard to keep track of who is who. While a website is appreciated, I will not go searching for a provider’s contact information. It is YOUR responsibility to provide their contact information to Me. Once I verify you are who you say you are, and you are a safe individual for Me to play with, I will contact you to book a session. This is my PREFERRED method of screening – if you do not have any provider references from the previous 2 years, then please proceed to the other two options below.

If you have been out of the lifestyle for a while or have not seen a provider before, never fear. There are a couple of ways we can approach this:

In the box on the booking request form marked Provider References, please include either a link to your public LinkedIn profile and/or a link to a professional business website where your name and contact information are shown.

If you do not have a LinkedIn or business website, please write a professional and polite message explaining that while you do not have either of these available, you have other methods in which you can prove to Me that you are not a jerk or dangerous person to be around.

Once I have received the above information, I will write back to you and request that you send me:

A photograph of your driver’s license or ID card with your personal information covered or blurred out (you must leave your photo and name exposed, everything else can be hidden) OR a work ID with your picture/a photo of your business card OR an email sent to me (to a separate non risque sounding email address of mine) from your business email. 

Deposit – When I set aside My time for you, I am turning away other clients. Because of this, I require a non-refundable $50 per first time booking deposit paid in advance. This fee is subtracted from My hourly tribute, and you pay the remainder when you arrive for your session. It is non-refundable, so if you flake or cancel last minute for any reason – you will lose the entire deposit amount. If you do or say something that causes Me to feel I need to cancel or end the session prematurely due to My safety or security – you will lose your deposit and any tribute paid to Me at that point in time.

Deposits can be paid by any of these methods: PayPal, CirclePay, Ca$happ, or Amazon gift card. I will provide the information for the pay method you choose. If you send it electronically do NOT include a risque or flirtatious note as the reason for sending – put something discreet such as “for the utilities” or “happy anniversary”.

I am gracious enough that if you inform Me that you need to reschedule within 24 hours of our session – I will allow the deposit to be applied to the next session you book with Me.

Other general protocol for seeing Me:

No cologne, or scents please. I am sensitive to these, and will require you to shower if you wear something that bothers Me. The shower time will come out of your session.

Show up clean – hygiene is super important to Me. If you arrive sweaty, dirty, or having any foul smell to your body – I will require you to shower beforehand, and that time will come out of your session.

If you would like to participate in any prostate stimulation or anal play that requires more than just a finger or two – use an enema – these are available at your local drugstore and are very affordable. I can and will also gladly assist in this as part of your time with Me, if you prefer.

Show up on time – never early, or late. If you are late, your session time will be adjusted accordingly. The tribute amount will stay the same.

Follow the general rules of the dungeon – respect the equipment and toys, ask before touching things, do not take anything from the premises or the spot where it lives inside the premises, clean up after yourself in the bathroom, do not leave bodily fluids ANYWHERE, no unacceptably loud noises (if you are a screamer – let me know and we can arrange something to take care of that.)

Do not show up intoxicated to the point that you are not of sound mind to consent. I am sober and will not partake in any consumption – I am fine if you do so.

I will assess your soundness of mind, and if I feel you are too intoxicated to play safely, will dismiss you without a refund. Keep this in mind.

You may bring beer or wine for you to consume during our session – do NOT bring any illegal drugs or liquor to the dungeon. This includes cannabis as it is not federally legalized.

Any remaining questions you have, once again, please include them all in the additional questions box on the application.

Click here to submit a Booking Request.